Three Reasons Why We’re Not Your Average Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food

When the cuisine you offer to the public is prevalent, it’s hard to make an impact on society. However, California Burritos is proud to say that we have the right tools to not only provide food but leave a distinct mark on our customers and the city of Nashua at large. We’re not your average Mexican restaurant, and you’ll have to visit to get a full picture as to why. For now, though, allow us to share what makes us unique!

1.) Personal, Accessible Service

How often do you get to see your burrito get prepared right in front of you? Our friendly and talented staff makes your food ready to order while you provide specific instructions as to how you want it cooked. We always make it a point to be friendly and detail-oriented, so expect it when you walk through our doors.

2.) Striking Decor

When you enter our restaurant, you’ll see bold colors, breathtaking art, and a modern layout that looks beautiful. Our decor adds personality and allows us to stay unique amongst the rest of the competition. We’re proud to let our style do the talking and captivate customers!

3.) Additional Dishes and Drinks

When you visit a Mexican restaurant, you know what to expect: burritos, tortilla chips, and other classics. When we built California Burritos, we had a goal of celebrating our 

Salvadorian heritage. To do that and add some variety to the table, we offer delicious pupusas. We also carry margaritas and beers to make your meal more exciting!


If you’re looking for a Mexican restaurant that will leave a substantial impact on you and that has delicious food, look no further than California Burritos. We’re happy to serve you, so give us a call at (603)-718-8745 and see what we can do for you today!

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