3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pupusa

Pupusa: A traditional dish served found at the finest Salvadorian restaurant in Nashua. A dish made of thick, handmade corn tortillas filled with cheese, chicharron, and the highest quality refried beans.




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The origins.

With any cuisine, locating the exact origins can be tricky. However, when it comes to pupusa, many stories link to the Pipil tribes in El Salvador. Here, many cooking instruments used to create this iconic meal have been found in archaeological sites throughout the country. Dating back thousands of years, traditional pupusa was created over an open wood fire, cooked upon a large comal made from pottery. However, as you can imagine, the fillings then were much different than today’s pupusa.

Instead of savory spiced meats and homemade beans, the ancient civilizations created half-moon vegetarian options. Often filled with herbs, edible flowers, and freshly grown vegetables, the pupusa evolved with time.



Like all dishes, pupusa comes with evolution.

While the dish dates back thousands of years, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the pupusa grew in popularity. As people migrated with their traditional cooking methods, new lands incorporated their own flair on the meal. For example, Honduras and Guatemala were among the first to change up the size and fillings. Changing the half-moon to a circle and incorporating fish into the list of ingredients were two of the significant impacts.

In the 1980s, the United States finally saw the introduction of pupusa. By this point, the basis of the meal remained consistent while the ingredients were fair game. Whichever direction your craving pointed you, the ‘pancake’ continued to be made from corn-based flour. It’s the filling that changed drastically. From pepperonis to green chile, the possibilities were truly endless.



California Burritos is the best Salvadorian restaurant in NH for pupusa.

While Mexican cuisine is our specialty, we have to admit – we are serving up a pretty good pupusa! Our corn-based, thick, pancake-styled tortilla is stuffed to the brim with cheese, our famous seasoned ground pork, and our even more famous homemade refried beans.


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We could go on and on about how mouth-watering our authentic pupusa is here at California Burritos, but instead, we invite you to come in and try it for yourself! No matter which location you visit, you can be sure you will be leaving satisfied!


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