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While fish tacos might seem like a popular meal choice for a Mexican restaurant in NH nowadays, people have been eating fish tacos for a long time! In the coastal regions of Mexico, indigenous people most likely wrapped the plentiful abundance of seafood in stone-ground-corn tortillas!


Like most street food-style meals, the fish taco’s humble appearance doesn’t show off its immense flavor hiding inside. The fish taco is both creamy and crispy while also being deliciously spicy and salty! California Burritos has the best variety of fresh ingredients and delicious tacos and burritos in New Hampshire! Now, let’s learn more about why we have the best fish tacos in town!


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History of Modern Fish Tacos


You can thank Baja California for the modern-day fish taco as we know it. Eight hundred miles long, Baja California has been known for its delicious cuisine. The Baja fish taco is said to have been invented around the 1950s around the towns San Felipe or Ensenada. It’s said that Ralph Rubio, a man who enjoyed the fish taco so much, opened a Mexican restaurant to share his love of the meal. Now, they’re a wonderful delight you can find all over the United States! When you imagine a fish taco, do you picture deep-fried fish, spicy mayo, shredded lettuce, and fresh salsa? Well, that’s the standard recipe!


California Burritos Style Fish Taco


Our fish tacos are some of the best in Nashua. How do we make them? Firstly, we only use the freshest haddock. Then, we coat them in a Dos Equis infused beer batter! This gives the tacos a delicious flair when they’re fried. With our soft taco tortillas, the fish is complemented with a cabbage mixture and pico de gallo. Lastly, the taco is finished with our delightful homemade chipotle ranch sauce! You can be sure your taste buds will be thanking you.


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We could go on and on about how mouth-watering our authentic fish tacos are here at California Burritos. Instead, we invite you to come in and try it for yourself! No matter which location you visit, you can be sure you will be leaving satisfied!


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