Four Ways To Customize Mexican Food

As any food lover can attest, half of the thrill of eating is finding new stuff to add to your repertoire. Whether that means an entirely new dish or customizing it to suit your taste better, there are a few ways you can make standard dishes something brand new. Mexican food is so versatile that it’s easy and fun to customize it and be creative!



1.) Seasoning

During the preparation stage, seasoning is one of the most critical pieces. It  makes a dish taste flavorful and unique. If you’re sick of using the same old seasoning, try a new one that’ll provide a different taste – or find a restaurant that has fresh ingredients and efficient food prep methods (like us!).


2.) Base

Tortillas are one of the cornerstones of Mexican food and for a good reason. There are more varieties available out there than ever before. Whether you prefer a fried tortilla or want to use a black bean base, you can make the core of your dish even more enjoyable and provide an entirely different experience.


3.) Fusion

California Burritos is a testament to the power of fusion! An excellent way to make your dishes or eatery stand out is fusing cultures together to create a culinary experience that is second-to-none. We’re proud to offer Salvadorian food along with Mexican favorites for optimal customization and taste.


4.) Proteins

How people get their daily dose of protein all depends on taste and how much they eat. However you go about it, one of the key ingredients of any Mexican meal is a tasty protein: chicken, beef, beans, and so on. Try swapping one out for another and see how different all the ingredients can taste together!



These are just a few ways to customize Mexican food. California Burritos has the quality ingredients, attention to detail, and customer service you need to make your dining experience great, so give us a call at (603)-718-8745 and see what we can do for you today!

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