Judge a Mexican Restaurant by Its Tortilla Chips

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There are a couple of surefire ways to know whether or not you’ve found an authentic Mexican restaurant. One of those is its tortilla chips. Your first taste of a restaurant’s food is the chips and salsa you enjoy while you wait for your meal, so they need to make a good impression. There are many types of salsa in Mexican cuisine, but there are only so many ways to make a good tortilla chip. At California Burritos, we’re pretty proud of ours.


Should you judge a Mexican restaurant by its tortilla chips? We think so! Here’s how.


Simple Ingredients

All that needs to go into a tortilla chip is cornmeal, oil, lime juice, and salt. Seriously, that’s it! Some restaurants will add spices for an extra kick, but you don’t need them, especially if you’re going to dip the chips in salsa. If a restaurant adds anything else, it’s often a preservative. That usually means that they don’t make their chips fresh every day. And, honestly, you can buy chips like that at the store.


The Crunch

Now that we know what should be in tortilla chips, we can get down to the experience of eating them. A chip should always make a satisfying crunch! when you bite into it, no matter how much salsa you load it up with. If they are too oily, the chips will be a little soggy or “bendy.” Not enough oil, and the cornmeal will absorb the salsa and turn soggy.


Just Enough Salt

As important as the texture is, you can’t forget about flavor. Adding lime juice gives the chips a tiny bit of tang, and you want your chips to be salty but not too salty. If there’s not enough salt, the chips will be bland, but too much is overwhelming. Salting the chips evenly is key. You don’t want some chips to have no salt at all while others have clumps of it.


How do we stack up as a Mexican restaurant? Come judge for yourself!

You might be thinking that we talk a big game, but how do our chips stack up? We’re pretty confident that we meet the authentic Mexican restaurant standard, but you’ll have to judge for yourself!


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