Mexican Cuisine For Father’s Day? Yes, Please! 

Instead of preparing the usual menu options for Father’s Day, go for Mexican cuisine classics like steak fajitas or fish tacos. Here are a few menu options we’d recommend that are perfect for Father’s Day (or any summer gathering)! 

The Main Squeeze

Try out these lunch or dinner options for your Father’s Day BBQ. Not into meat or seafood? Mix it up with a grilled veggie fajita instead!

Carnitas: We may be a little biased here at California Burritos, but we think you’ll agree that carnitas is number one for a reason. This dish is cooked low and slow for a tender and crispy bite that is juicy and delicious! Serve your carnitas in a variety of ways with fried rice, fresh pico de gallo, and a squeeze of lime. 

Fish Tacos: Coming in second on our list is a fresh and yummy way to enjoy the best that New England has to offer – fish tacos! We suggest a white fish option, like halibut, flounder, or cod. Serve these tacos with some fresh guac and pickled red cabbage for a zesty and filling bite. 

salvadorian cuisine

The Side Hustle

Don’t forget those sides! Offer healthy and tasty food options that everyone can enjoy. Some sides include:

  1. Mexican Street Corn: A mouth-watering favorite! This side is a summer staple and super easy to make! Char-grill your corn and serve on the cob with a creamy sauce, and cotija cheese. Yum! 
  2. Jalapeno Cornbread: This Mexican Cornbread will knock your party socks off! Plus, this side dish is made with cheddar cheese and corn – what’s not to love?

Salvadorian cuisine New Hampshire

Desserts & Drinks

Don’t forget the drinks or the dessert! Start with homemade margaritas and sangria. Complete your Father’s Day menu with a little sugar and spice. Some favorites include churros, flan, and tres leches cake. 


Celebrate Father’s Day – California Burrito

Take dad out for lunch or dinner at California Burrito! Grab your choice of fillings, toppings, and serving style. Whether you‘re looking for authentic Mexican or Salvadorian cuisine, California Burritos will deliver! 


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