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When you decide to change your lifestyle and how you consume food, it can be a challenge. Sometimes, you feel deprived or frustrated because you, seemingly, can’t enjoy dishes you love because your lifestyle seemingly prevents it. While some things are merely a “no-go” for specific diets, Mexican food doesn’t have to get crossed off your list! California Burritos has the options on our menu and ingredients to suit plenty of lifestyle choices. If you’re into any of these diets and lifestyle approaches, feel free to come to us.



  • Low-carb diets

Do you want to eat a taco or burrito while cutting calories at the same time? As you order, go for our black bean tortillas. They contain zero grams of fat and are perfect for those who want to incorporate fewer carbs into their eating habits. Who said you have to give up tortillas altogether?


  • Vegetarians

We know that a lot of Mexican food contains meat. It’s no surprise when you find beef, chicken, and carnitas on a Mexican restaurant’s menu. However, we also cater to vegetarians. In addition to offering vegetarian-friendly proteins like red onions and green peppers, we have plenty of vegetable toppings that you can use to add flavor to your dish.


  • Pescatarians

Some people are into the pescatarian lifestyle, which means fish is the only meat you consume. Steak, chicken, and carnitas are usually the most popular proteins people choose for their tacos or burritos, but we cater to pescatarians as well. We have delicious fish tacos that you’re sure to love, and we’re happy to provide a deliciously unique option for our customers.


  • Allergies

We’re happy to accommodate you if you have any food allergies. Just let our staff know about any food allergies you have, and we’ll be sure to prepare your food away from any allergens that can impact your health. Don’t be afraid to speak up about what can affect you. We want you happy and safe while you dine with us!



California Burritos understands that people from all walks of life want to enjoy Mexican food, even if they’re on a diet or subscribe to vegetarian options. Everyone deserves a quality meal, and we’re here to make it happen. We’re here to provide quality food that suits just about anyone! Give us a call at (603)-718-8745 (our Nashua location) or (603)-402-2130 (our Hudson location).

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