Mexican Food That Can Help You Stick to That New Year’s Resolution


First, Happy New Year from the team here at California Burritos! The new year is a clean slate for many of us. A new beginning. A chance to do something you’ve been putting to the side. However, did you know that by the second week of February nearly 80% of people ditch their resolution? Considering that almost 45% of resolutions made are in regards to weight loss, or bettering one’s health, this statistic is shocking.


Making time for ourselves in a busy and stressful world is vital to our well-being. Whether that time is spent partaking in a hobby or exercise class, reading a book or relaxing in a quiet space, it’s crucial for our overall health. However, if we go back to the subject of weight loss, eating is one of the biggest lifestyle choices we make several times a day.


Because we love our customers, we’re here to let you know how Mexican food in New Hampshire can help you stick to that resolution! This article will guide you through choices of dos and donts without having to give up your favorite food!


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Eat avocados! Yes, avocados are high in fat, but it’s good fat. Monounsaturated fats have been proven to provide beneficial effects on your heart when eaten in moderation. Thought to reduce the risk of heart disease, avocados also provide the body vitamin E, a disease-fighting antioxidant.

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Choose the taco salad. This is one of the most deceiving dishes as many of us associate anything with the word “salad” as being healthy. However, taco salads are served in a deep-fried bowl with ground beef, loads of cheese, and sour cream. Not to mention the traditional taco salad is served with shredded iceberg lettuce; no nutritional benefits here.



Go for the beans. However, if you’re watching the waistline and health benefits, go whole. Whole beans are generally loaded with fiber, which may help to reduce cholesterol levels and feel full. Whereas refried beans are traditionally cooked in lard.



Order the enchiladas. This breaks our heart, but enchiladas sit next to the hot fudge brownie sundae. Deep-fried, covered in cheese tortillas will provide you with nearly 800 calories and 40 grams of fat.

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Choose fajitas. Served on a sizzling platter, chicken fajitas will generally be served with a variety of vegetables as well. Be sure to keep the sour cream and cheese to a dull roar as these extras will add unnecessary calories and fats to your meal.


If you’re looking for Mexican food in New Hampshire that won’t break the resolution, stop by California Burritos. Our made to order menu provides you with a variety of options that will keep you on track this year. Visit us online to view our full menu and experience the difference for yourself!

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