Why Mexican Food is Great For All Ages

While many people across the world love Mexican food, it can be a bit difficult to find a Mexican restaurant that accommodates every age group. Whether it’s because the portions are too large, the selection is too narrow, or there isn’t parking close by, some restaurants are not equipped to handle a diverse crowd. However, at California Burritos, we understand how vital it is to welcome people of all ages into our restaurants!



There are choices for everyone

One element that many Mexican restaurants lack is a kid’s menu. Let’s face it; although we all love a good burrito, our littlest diners will often pass. At California Burritos, we’re happy to say, we get it! Here, you’ll find a menu for all ages, including the little ones. From favorites like tacos to simple cheese quesadillas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The best part of visiting our restaurants is that many portions of our menu are customizable, leaving room for kids who like to experiment with their food choices!



We have the food groups covered

Going out to eat often poses challenges in the healthy department. Finding a balanced meal that doesn’t consume the recommended daily calorie intake is far and few between. However, with Mexican food, you can set the worries aside. Often, dishes incorporate a range of groups including vegetables, grains, and protein. If you’re looking for a lighter meal, skip the cheese and opt for a baked dish instead of a fried one.



Mexican food is affordable

No matter what the meal selection is, Mexican food is generally very affordable. From fish to salads, steak to salads, the portions are large and the price is right. Affordability is especially important for those on a budget or feeding a larger group.



mexican food



At California Burritos, we understand how important it is to accommodate all ages, budgets, and taste requirements. Because of this understanding, our Mexican food is available in a wide array of customizable options – for both adults and children!


Stop by one of our locations today and experience authentic Mexican cuisine sure to meet the needs of all!


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