Resolution Solutions For Dining At Your Favorite Mexican Restaurant

Let’s face it; the new year comes with many resolutions. Many that will be broken within the first few months, which makes one wonder why this is. Why do we set unrealistic expectations and set ourselves up for failure? With obtaining a healthier lifestyle being one of the biggest resolutions of the year, our team at California Burritos is here to help you succeed. As the number one Mexican restaurant in Nashua, we believe that enjoying dining out should never be a compromise. 


Here, we are looking at a few options to help keep your resolution on track without the guilt!


Corn versus flour tortillas.

When visiting a Mexican restaurant, you often have the choice between corn and flour tortillas. So, which is the better choice for a healthy lifestyle? The answer is corn. Made from whole grains, corn tortillas provide a gluten-free solution with a much higher nutritional value and fewer calories. However, they pack in a few more calories, so remember that moderation is key with anything you consume.


Beans for the win.

With any good meal comes side dish options. Often, this is the element that throws the ‘diet’ out the window. With Mexican cuisine, beans are generally an option for a side – and a wonderful one at that! However, you’ll want to opt for the whole bean. Pinto and black beans, for example, provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and protein! Although you may love them, refried beans are traditionally cooked in lard, increasing the fat intake to massive levels.


Like you were always told, eat your veggies.

When dining out, it’s easy to overlook the key elements of a balanced meal. However, when it comes to vegetables, this is one piece of the puzzle that should never be forgotten. Whether you prefer to incorporate a mixture of vegetables in your chicken fajita, opt for a salad, or keep them on the side – never forget to eat your vegetables!


Let’s come back to moderation.

As mentioned above, moderation is key to any successful journey. Besides portions, you always want to be mindful of what you consume and how much of it. For instance, if you indulged in a nice juicy steak the night before visiting California Burritos, you may want to opt for a leaner protein like chicken or fish. Everything in moderation.


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As the number one Mexican restaurant in Nashua, our family at California Burritos wishes you a very happy and successful new year! Whether it’s a healthier lifestyle or enjoying time out more often, we’re here to help make your resolutions come true. 


Visit any of our locations for the freshest, authentic Mexican cuisine with a vast array of options to ensure your goals are met!


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