It’s A Thing! National Margarita Day Is Coming!

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Whether you’re a fan of Mexican food or not, chances are, you’ve heard of Cinco de Mayo. But, did you know that you didn’t have to wait until May to celebrate margaritas? It’s true! February 22nd is National Margarita Day, and the team from your favorite Mexican restaurant in Nashua, NH, couldn’t be more excited!

However, we also understand that times are still trying, and many people still remain at home. While we certainly miss your faces, we understand. However, staying home does not excuse you from celebrating this fantastic day. Here are a few ways to continue the fun (of course, visiting California Burritos is still an option)!



mexican restaurant nashua

Taco Bar, Margarita Bar, or perhaps, both!

Taco bars are one of the easiest ways to please any crowd. By providing various proteins, vegetables, salsas, and so on, your guests can make their tacos just the way they like them! Be sure to have sides too! Rice, beans, fresh guacamole and salsa are musts.


Like the taco bar, margarita bars are another easy way to win over any crowd.


If you’re staying in, consider inviting over a few friends or family for an evening of fun. Catching up on times and playing games with a margarita in hand is always a perfect setup for memories. However, give yourself a break from mixing all night and enjoy your company! Taco bar meets margarita bar, and you have laughs, memories, and lots of time on your hands. It’s really the perfect combination.



How to.

When creating the ultimate margarita bar, begin with a few base ‘mixers’ to appease all. Let’s face, everyone likes their margarita just the way they it. Provide a traditional blend, a fruity blend (like strawberry), and something a bit exciting like a coconut jalapeño blend.



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From there, be sure to have plenty of freshly sliced fruit, options for salt and sugar rims, little paper umbrellas, and of course – tequila. Similar to the taco bar, your guests will be drawn to the fantastically creative display. Instead of premixing, one thing to consider is allowing your guests to add their tequila to ensure the ‘perfect margarita.’ And for those who prefer a non-alcoholic evening, they can still enjoy the setup without the tequila!


February 22nd is drawing near, which means it’s time to start thinking margarita. Whether you are coming to visit your favorite Mexican restaurant in Nashua, NH, or spending the evening at home, our team at California Burritos wishes you a very enjoyable National Margarita Day!



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