Authentic Mexican Beers to Satisfy Your Thirst

As a premier Mexican restaurant in NH, our team knows it takes more than excellent food to hit the spot. What is a better compliment to an authentic meal besides an authentic beverage? Whether alcoholic or non, Mexican cuisine offers a wide selection when it comes to the beverage department.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the top four beers that Mexican breweries provide to us American beer lovers.



If you’ve never heard of this one, we’re not quite sure where you’ve been hiding.  Produced by Cerveceria Modela in Mexico, Corona is one of the most popular pale lager options in America. Corona is a Pilsner-style beer with a 4.5% ABV.  With a German influence, this light beer is the perfect beach, barbeque, and, well, anytime refresher. However, don’t forget your lime!


Modelo Especial

Similar to Corona, Modelo Especial is another option for those who prefer a light beer. Brewed by Grupo Modela in Ciudad De Mexico, Modelo Especial is known for its full-flavored orange blossom honey aroma with a hint of herb. Growing in popularity across the United States, this crowd-pleaser pairs well with all Mexican dishes, pizza, and pasta! Modelo Especial contains an ABV of 4.5%.



Also known as Cerveza Pacifico Clara, Pacifico is a pilsner-style beer brewed in the ocean port city of Mazatlán. With a slightly bitter taste, this beer pairs best with seafood dishes. As one of the biggest beers on the West Coast, expect to see more of this beauty in the future.  Pacifico contains an ideal 4.5% ABV.


Dos Equis Amber

Finally, a spin from the light and onto a beer that is sure to satisfy those looking for a deeper flavor. As one of our favorites, Dos Equis Amber is a Vienna-style lager with hints of hazelnut and vanilla. This darker version of Dos Equis provides a rich, more fuller-bodied flavor than its counterpart.  Often compared to an Oktoberfest-style, this amber-colored thirst-quencher contains an ABV of 4.7%.


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While some Mexican restaurants in NH offer only a few options at California Burritos, we offer a wide variety of mouth-watering authentic menu items. Be sure to stop in and enjoy a meal with the family, perfectly paired with a refreshing Mexican beer!

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