Get Ready, October 27th is National Beer Day

As your favorite NH Mexican restaurant, our team at California Burritos is taking a moment to honor National Beer Day. On October 27th, millions of Americans will raise a glass and enjoy an ice-cold, frothy beer. However, you won’t find us celebrating just any old beer. No, instead, we’ll be enjoying some of the finest Mexican beers produced!

Here, we’re looking at a few authentic Mexican beers that are sure to satisfy and compliment your meal!



Produced by Cerveceria Modela in Mexico, Corona is one of America’s most popular pale lager options. With or without lime, this pilsner-style, 4.5% ABV light beer pairs well with spicy food. So, if you’re a fan of heat, this is your day. Turn up the spice and cool your senses with the citrusy light flavor of a Corona!


Modelo Especial

Another light choice, Modelo Especial, is an authentic brew from Ciudad de Mexico. With hints of orange blossom and honey, the mild herb flavoring makes this beer a perfect match for anything served at your favorite NH Mexican restaurant! From burritos to tacos, chips and salsa to quesadillas, Modela Especial is a must-try for the lovers of beer.



Okay, let’s spin this a bit – instead of beer, let’s focus on food. Good, authentic, Mexican food – like the burrito! There’s more to the burrito than meets the eye, so this option definitely deserves some attention.

Loaded with cheese and flavor, the burrito and beer are like chips and guac; an inseparable pair meant to be. However, one of the best aspects is that most burritos pair well with any Mexican beer! Whether pale or lager, the bitterness within beer is the ideal companion to the richness of cilantro, onion, and Mexican spices.

Whatever your palette prefers – meat, vegetables, or a combination of both, the burrito is undoubtedly the way to go on October 27th! Be sure to check out our previous article for a more in-depth look behind the story of the burrito!


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Now that we have your mouth watering, it’s time to make plans for National Beer Day! As your favorite Mexican restaurant in NH, you can be sure our team at California Burritos will be serving up the freshest burritos in town! While you’re here, be sure to check out our list of import and domestic beer offerings!



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