Navigating Mexican Food

One of the coolest things about trying a new type of food is the land of possibilities that come with it. You may think, “it’s just food,” but you can make discovering things to eat a lot more interesting if you figure out a way to approach it that is exciting. If you’ve never tried Mexican food before, consider this a guide as to how you can navigate it and make the most of your exploration!



Know what you like

Think about your taste. If you prefer a particular side item like rice or what have you, look for it as a main component when you’re browsing a menu. That way, you eat an option that you know you already like and appreciate. Plus, it’s easy to see what to expect if something you already enjoy is part of the picture.


Start with basics

If you’re not sure where to begin, try one of the more popular dishes on a menu. It probably gets listed for one of two reasons: either people love it, or it’s a cultural staple of the cuisine. So, either way, you get the full experience when you eat a fan favorite. You can always ask someone who loves Mexican food what they like, too.


Go authentic

The best kind of cultural food comes from people who embody that cultural identity. Sure, buying from a chain restaurant is more comfortable and more convenient, but you’ll get the love and dedication to freshness you deserve when you visit an authentic joint like California Burritos. It’s the most authentic way to experience cultural foods.


Add twists to your staples

It happens: we experience a new food group and, suddenly, we find a staple meal that we learn to love. That’s great: it keeps you engaged in the community and keeps business booming. Still, you can make experiences with your tried and true favorites fun: try a new base, side item, or salsa with your burrito. You never know what a little bit of experimentation can do for your experience.



Cuisine subcultures can seem difficult to navigate, but with some guidance, you can have a great experience. Mexican food is so rich and diverse that you’re bound to enjoy exploring it. Come to California Burritos today and see all the Mexican food world has to offer! Give us a call at (603)-718-8745 and see what we can do for you today!

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