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Horchata has been the standard for delicious summer drinks across Latin America for years, but why is it only now becoming popular? Currently, you can find horchata drinks and flavors at coffee shops and big-box stores alike. But where did this thirst-quenching beverage come from? The experts in Salvadorian cuisine in New Hampshire, California Burritos, has the answer.


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Origins of Horchata


While the Latin American version of Horchata might be the most popular, the drink actually links back to its origins in North Africa. Thousands of years ago, North Africans had a drink commonly referred to as “horchata de chufa.” This ancient recipe was similar to today, as it was made from ground and sweetened tiger nuts. The drink was commemorated for its cooling capabilities during heat waves and for lowering fevers.


As years went by, the horchata eventually was brought to West Africa and Spain. Then, the concept of the drink ended up traveling to Mexico as well. Although, this version was not made with tiger nuts but was rice-based. Thus, it was commonly was flavored with cinnamon and vanilla and known as “horchata de arroz.”


While there are many different variations and flavors for regions across Latin America, horchata is consistently a plant or grain milk-based drink. It’s most often served cold but can be served warm as well.


Horchata Salvadorian Cuisine in New Hampshire


Did you know that the Salvadorian technique uses morro to create horchata traditionally? Morro is a small fruit that looks similar to a green coconut. It grows closer to the trunk or branches of the morro tree.  You grind and then mix the seeds of the morro fruit with water, sugar, cacao, cinnamon, and vanilla. This creates the horchata drink.


Salvadorian cuisine New Hampshire


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