Putting New Twists on Old Favorites

Finding the right Mexican restaurant offers a few things to consider: price, accessibility, and, naturally, the food itself are all central to the experience. There are times when you are just looking to satisfy your craving and go to your staple restaurant. However, it is always fun to find something new and exciting. It makes for a unique dining experience you may not forget. If you are a fan of burritos, tacos, and the like, you should visit California Burritos. We work to put new twists on these staple items to make your food unique and delicious. Find out how we put a new spin on some classics below!

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Unique Roots

You can find Mexican food quite easily. However, there are still different nationalities that can cook up your Mexican-inspired favorites. California Burritos stands out from the rest of the pack – we offer authentic Salvadorian food, which is a bit different from your standard Mexican fare.

Different Dressings

Salsa is key to making foods like burritos, tacos, and more a little bit more delicious and unique. At California Burritos, we offer a different kind of dressing. Our house made mango salsa is delicious, and gives your food a bit more punch than expected. It is a nice break away from your standard types of salsa you’d find at any other Mexican restaurant.

Fresh Ingredients







You will not find any pre-packaged, inauthentic food here. We strive to provide excellent customer service, and that philosophy extends to the preparation stages. Every item will be made with quality, fresh ingredients that will add to the taste. Quality ingredients can make all of the difference!


It is fun to try new things. The experience has the possibility of being rewarding, and may open doors for more interests and ideas. When you visit California Burritos, you can be certain we are going to offer classics you love with ingredients and items that will give it a new twist you will enjoy. When you are ready to experience our fabulous, authentic food at a Mexican restaurant, give us a call at (603)-718-8745!

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