Quesadillas: The Unsung Heroes of Mexican Food

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When we think of the heavy hitters of Mexican food, what comes to mind? Tacos and burritos are probably at the top of the list, but there are other things that deserve a place as well. Our favorite of these underappreciated foods is the quesadilla. Because it is so simple, the quesadilla is often overlooked when we think about Mexican food. Although all you need to make a quesadilla is a tortilla and some cheese, that is just the beginning.

Let’s take some time to appreciate this unsung hero of Mexican food.


It started as a dessert.

It’s not what we expected, either, but it’s true! Before the Spanish arrived in the New World, the Aztecs filled tortillas with squash, pumpkin, and spices and then baked them in clay ovens. After the Europeans arrived, they started to incorporate their own tastes and traditions into the native dishes. These additions turned this technique of putting ingredients into a quesadilla from sweet to savory. Common ingredients to add to quesadillas were cheese (of course), mushrooms, chorizo, chicken, and potatoes, to name a few.


It’s as versatile as it simple.

The great thing about the quesadilla is also the same reason why it is often overlooked. It’s simple and easy to make. All that you need is a tortilla and some cheese. But a quesadilla is so much more than a tortilla with melted cheese inside (though if that’s all you want, you can’t go wrong). You can add meat, vegetables, jalapeños, or even salsa. Depending on what you put in it and how much you fill the tortilla, a quesadilla can be a snack or a whole meal.

The versatility of quesadillas also makes them an easy family dinner option. Because you have to make them one at a time, anyway, making everyone in your family their own special quesadilla isn’t a tall order. If someone wants extra cheese or doesn’t like onions, you don’t have to readjust your meal plan to make everyone happy. And they’re so quick to make. Once the cheese is melted and the tortilla is crispy, you’re done!


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