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There are many reasons to love May. We have Cinco de Mayo, the weather is warmer, and it’s almost summer. But at California Burritos, we have one more reason: it’s National Salsa Month! Celebrate with us at your favorite Mexican Restaurant in Nashua! We’ve talked about some of the most common types of salsa in an earlier post, but there are more. Like many traditional Mexican and Hispanic foods, salsa has been around for centuries and its popularity has spread throughout North America.

Let’s take a look at where salsa comes from plus a few more types you might find at a Mexican restaurant in Nashua.


A Brief History of Salsa

Just like most traditional foods from Mexico and Central America, salsa has been around forever. As a side dish or dip made from chopped tomatoes, salsa has been around since the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs lived in those regions. While all three groups probably ate salsa, the Aztecs are usually credited with inventing it because their diet was documented in more detail by Spanish missionaries. The combination of ingredients that we love on our chips, tacos, and more didn’t have a specific name until a Spanish priest recorded its name as “salsa” in the 1500s.


Salsa Taqueria

Distinct from a salsa of chopped ingredients like pico de gallo, salsa taqueria (or taquera) has a smooth consistency. The name means “taco sauce” in Spanish, which makes sense for a salsa that often tops tacos. The basic ingredients of salsa taqueria are tomatoes, arbol chilies, onion, garlic, salt, and lime juice. All these ingredients are cooked in water or oil until they can be blended into a smooth consistency. The arbol chiles give this salsa a kick, so a little goes a long way, depending on how it’s made.


Salsa Ranchera

Salsa ranchera is similar to salsa roja, but with a few twists. The tomatoes are roasted first so that they have a smoky, savory flavor. Adding to its distinctive flavor is Worcestershire sauce, sometimes called “salsa inglesa” (English sauce). You are most likely to find salsa ranchera in huevos rancheros, but it is also delicious as a topping or dip, just as you would use another tomato-based salsa.

California Burrito: Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Nashua

What’s your favorite way to eat salsa? With tortilla chips, or maybe on top of your favorite taco or burrito? No matter what food is your favorite salsa delivery method, you’ll find it at California Burritos.


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