Salvadorian Cuisine vs. Mexican Cuisine. What’s the Difference?

If you’re familiar with Salvadorian cuisine, then you probably already know that several dishes that resemble those of authentic Mexican cuisine. However, resemble is the keyword there. With decades of experience in creating authentic dishes, our team is here to explain the differences to you! In this article, we’re taking a look at a few dishes that are often confused when it comes to Salvadorian and Mexican cuisine.


Pasteles vs. Empanadas

Similar in appearance but created differently, pasteles are made with a cornmeal shell. Empanadas, on the other hand, are typically created with white pastry dough. However, both dishes resemble one another with their heavily spiced meat filling combined with chopped potatoes and vegetables.

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Tamales vs. Burritos

With authentic Salvadorian cuisine, tamales are similar but very different from the Mexican burrito. With fillings of spiced meat, dried fruits, and sweet corn, Salvadorian tamales are corn dough pockets wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

Thus, you have a dish that resembles the wrapped flour tortilla. which is stuffed and baked, but you have a very different result!



Empanadas de Leche vs. Platanos con Lechera

Now it’s not all about the main course here. Authentic desserts are a significant part of the meal in both Salvadorian and Mexican cuisine. And, both cultures love to incorporate bananas. While the Mexicans pan-fry plantains in butter, then drizzle them with a sweetened milk sauce and dust them with cinnamon, the Salvadorians have their own twist.

Empanadas de leche is ground plantain shaped into oval balls and stuffed with vanilla custard. After deep frying, these balls are served sprinkled in sugar.


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Sopa de Pescado vs. Caldo de Pescado

Fish soup is what we’re talking about here. The Salvadorian version is a spicy and filling soup stuffed with tomatoes, green peppers, cumin, and fish of any kind. Whereas the Mexican version includes garlic, onion, and chipotle pepper for an entirely different level of spice.



Whether you’re in the mood for Salvadorian cuisine or authentic Mexican food, be sure to visit us at California Burritos. With only the finest and freshest ingredients, our chefs create dishes sure to have you coming back for more. Check out our menu online, and be sure to visit us and experience authentic food the way it was meant to be eaten!

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