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Mexican food Though we offer plenty of variety and authentic Mexican food, California Burritos understands the need for some classics for customers to dig into. After all, these dishes are popular for a reason, and always make for a familiar and tasty dining experience.

At California Burritos, you can expect plenty of older favorites with new twists. Below, see some of our menu highlights, and get ready to munch on some delicious cuisine!


Arguably our most popular dish, our burritos are made with care and fresh ingredients. We also offer plenty of affordable options, so you can enjoy your food in comfort and not have to break the bank. We have all the fixings you need, so dig in!


Whether you enjoy steak, chicken, or even fish, we have the taco for you. Dressed in delicious fixings, our tacos are a unique flavor experience that will leave you very impressed. Our fresh corn flower tortillas are nice and crispy, delivering that crunch you crave with all of the flavor.


It is hard to resist a tasty, timeless classic  Mexican food like a quesadilla. Steak, chicken, or whatever else you would like are all options when it comes to your quesadilla options at California Burritos!


If you need to cool off or want a little bit of kick for your meal, we offer fresh beer and margaritas. It is always nice to kick back and have a relaxing drink with extra flavor, and we have fresh margaritas and beers at the ready to make for a more complete dining experience.

These are just some of the delicious Mexican food options we have here at California Burritos. When you want some old-time classics with a fresh and inventive twist, come visit us. You will be satisfied. Give us a call at (603)-718-8745!

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