The Base Of Our Burritos: Delicious Rice

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Rice is a traditional staple food across the world, and especially in Latin cooking. Here at California Burritos, we offer two different types of delicious rice fillings for your entree. You can choose from either our special cilantro white rice or Spanish yellow rice. Do you know what makes these different types of rice so tasty! If you’re looking for authentic and delicious food at a Mexican restaurant in Nashua, you know where to go!


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A few things first…


Before we dive into what makes our rice the best, let’s go over how we collect and create food from this starchy grain. First things first, did you know that about one-half of the entire world’s population is dependent on rice as a staple food? The rice plant itself can grow up to four feet tall before it’s harvested.


Once the rice is harvested, there are two different types of rice you can create. Before it becomes edible, the husk from the plant has to be removed. This process is called milling. The milling process consists of removing the husk and bran layers from the rice kernel. Although if you only remove the husk, you get brown rice. On the other hand, you’ll have white rice if you remove the husk and the bran layers. Which one is your favorite?


Cilantro white rice


Here at California Burritos, we offer two different types of rice for our customers. The first is our tasty cilantro white rice. It tastes absolutely delicious with our burrito bowls or tacos! If you’re one of the unlucky people who don’t like cilantro, we’re sorry. But at least you still can enjoy our second rice option, Spanish yellow rice.


Spanish yellow rice


Yellow rice is a household must-have for many Latino families. It’s the base of most meals, and it’s flavored with various spices and colored with saffron or turmeric. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any burrito, burrito bowl, or taco you’re enjoying at the best Mexican restaurant in Nashua, California Burritos!


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Everyone deserves a quality meal, and we’re here to make it happen. We’re here to provide quality food that suits just about anyone! Visit the best Mexican restaurant in Nashua today at 101 Factory Street.

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