Three Things Only California Burritos Offers

You have to hustle hard and have an outstanding product to offer to stand out from the rest and draw customers to your business. California Burritos is a Mexican restaurant that believes in quality and standing out, and we’re proud to say that we offer some things you can’t get at your average Mexican food chain.


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1.) Pupusas

Our founders are proud Salvadorians, and we wanted to add a bit of our heritage to our menu of favorite Mexican dishes. That’s why we offer our tasty pupusas for customers next to burritos. It’s a delightful treat, and ours get made with care and fresh ingredients. You’ve never had flavor quite like this at a Mexican eatery, and people have had nothing but good things to say about ours!

2.) Fresh Ingredients

Though many restaurants claim to make the best food on the market, they don’t take all of the parts of the process into consideration. Fresh ingredients should be a staple in all restaurants, but they aren’t everywhere. Luckily, California Burritos is a Mexican restaurant you can count on to provide fresh ingredients every time we prepare a meal for you.

3.) A Unique Atmosphere

When you step foot in California Burritos, you’ll see beautiful art and decor and experience a unique atmosphere that only we offer. A stimulating environment can bring so much to a dining experience, and we love to make dining at our restaurant as fun as possible. You won’t find another place like ours!


If you’re looking for a Mexican restaurant that is high on atmosphere and home to quality food, look no further than California Burritos. We’re happy to serve you. To learn more about our restaurant and what we offer, give us a call at (603)-718-8745 and see what we can discuss with you today!

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