Tips for Pairing Foods

When plenty of delicious foods are available at a restaurant, it becomes quite overwhelming and hard to make a decision about what to compliment it with! Finding out how to make the best pairings will only make your dining experience all the richer. Bear these tips in mind when you want to mix Mexican food or drinks together.

Mexican food

Keep Flavors Similar



When you have two completely contrasting flavors or foods, it is not a very enjoyable eating experience. Find which items are available to compliment your food, rather than something starkly different. It will make for a cohesive and delicious experience!

Find A Refreshing Drink



If you are a fan of alcohol (and are of age), find the right drink to go with your dish’s flavors. It will make the experience that much more satisfying, and you will surely feel much more fulfilled with a nice meal and beverage under your belt.

Ask An Expert



Do you happen to know a smart, experienced foodie? Or, better yet, have you picked the brain of the staff at California Burritos? Since they are well-versed in foods and know how to cook well, food experts are bound to have some excellent advice and plenty of insight about how to best compliment your dish.

Use Your Tastes As A Guide



One surefire way to find a side dish or drink you like is having a full grasp of your personal tastes. Choosing something similar to a Mexican food you already like is an easy way to ensure your pairing is satisfactory – after all, it is something you are somewhat familiar with already!


If you find yourself stuck and wondering what side dish is best to go with your Mexican food when you dine at California Burritos, use these tips to find your next ideal match. For more information about California Burritos and our menu, please give us a call at (603)-718-8745!

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