Why Local Restaurants Rock

Mexican food Sure, chain restaurants are great. They are available in many locations, offer cheap eats on the go, and can be delicious. However, there is still something to say for a local joint that has plenty of ambiance and the quality Mexican food to match. Supporting local business is always a fulfilling investment that benefits the community. Local restaurants are some of the most popular spots for eats, and it is not hard to see why. Below, see why local restaurants are so great. We at California Burritos know and love our local status!



Familiar Faces

When you hit a local restaurant, you are bound to encounter faces you know from your community, work, family, or friends every so often. Plus, if you are a frequent enough customer, you will get quite friendly with the owners of the restaurant. It is nice opportunity to catch up with people and form friendships that have a homegrown feel.


Fresh Quality

Local restaurants do not have to mass produce often, so orders are typically made fresh. In a world full of quick solutions and busy people, it is nice to eat Mexican food that has plenty of time and effort put into it. We at California Burritos definitely believe in taking the time to get meals right and use fresh ingredients. Plus, those local, fresh ingredients are good for you!



Chains thrive on staying the same and having a consistent appearance across the world. However, a local restaurant thrives on being different. It is always interesting to walk into a new dining spot and see their decor. Truly, there is no place exactly like it – and that comes down to food as well. Whether they make a killer burger or a delicious sauce only they know the recipe to, the experience cannot be replicated anywhere else.


Good Customer Service

Local restaurants know who and what to expect from their community, and work with these people consistently. They have the time and attention to detail to give you satisfactory customer service, since everything is so community minded and based on strong formed relationships.


Helping the Community

When you dine at a local joint, you are directly giving money to citizens of your area that want to see it succeed. It is important to give back whenever you can, and you it is almost certain the restaurant owners want to see the area do well and donate to worthy causes. Some spots even host events or partner with charities to assist those in need in the neighborhood. It is a simple but effective way to make things better where you live and give a boost to the people at the restaurant who work hard to keep their business afloat.



Enjoying a meal at a local restaurant is a unique, nice experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Plus, when you dine local, you are indirectly giving back to the community – a win-win to be sure!

At California Burritos, we offer top-notch authentic Mexican food in the area of Nashua, New Hampshire. Give us a call to learn more about us at (603)-718-8745!

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