Five Things You May Not Know About Mexican Food

With just about everything, it seems there are two prominent types of fans: those who enjoy something a lot but don’t dig for details or fun facts about their passion, and those who know every little thing about a particular subject. California Burritos knows Mexican food in and out, but perhaps our customers don’t, and

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Why Local Restaurants Rock

Sure, chain restaurants are great. They are available in many locations, offer cheap eats on the go, and can be delicious. However, there is still something to say for a local joint that has plenty of ambiance and the quality Mexican food to match. Supporting local business is always a fulfilling investment that benefits the

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Why Fresh Ingredients Matter

When you are heading out to dine, quality food is a must – after all, you are spending some money and setting aside some time to yourself. It’s an investment, and the evening needs to be special for the experience to be complete. Customer service, varied choices, and location are all factors in the overall

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Signature Items from California Burritos

Though we offer plenty of variety and authentic Mexican food, California Burritos understands the need for some classics for customers to dig into. After all, these dishes are popular for a reason, and always make for a familiar and tasty dining experience. At California Burritos, you can expect plenty of older favorites with new twists.

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California Burritos: Great Food at a Convenient Location

Sometimes, our dining ventures become more invested and include additional activities. It always helps when a Mexican restaurant is in a location that has enough activities available to make an evening complete. California Burritos is located right in the heart of Nashua, New Hampshire, which has plenty to offer. The following are some suggestions we

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